February 2010 Fishing Report

February 26th, 2010 Posted by Fishing Reports 0 comments on “February 2010 Fishing Report”

The stripers have been up boiling on the surface most every morning since my last report. We’ve caught all of our fish on freelined medium shiners, white Fat Albert grubs on a leadhead, and on white bucktails with a white hyper striper tail. These fish have been boiling on the surface and sub-surface about a foot under the water. Sometimes you will see a big visible swirl, sometimes it will be a slight boil as the fish are not always making it to the top. They are feeding on small shad, that are trying to come to the surface before dieing. Slick calm pockets in the middle to the rear of creeks are where we are seeing most of these fish. The seagulls are more of a distraction right now than anything else, as they are picking up random shad kill. You will see them everywhere picking up single baits and flying on. You want to see them pounding the water, hovering, and staying in a tight group. This is when they have fish under them. Most of the single boiling fish that we are catching have no birds with them. The store got in a big load of medium shiners this morning and they also have all the jigs and white grubs that you will need for casting. This report is brought to you by Shane Watson Guide Service www.lakelanierstripers.com and Hammond’s Fishing Center. Good Fishing.