Basin Actions

Lake Lanier is a natural resource that is shared by many, each with differing interests
in regards to lake water level and downstream flow. LLA strives to be a voice for
residents, businesses and others who use the lake in government relations and action.


In addition to working closely with the USACE and MNGWD, Lake Lanier Association follows all legislative actions that potentially impact Lanier. In addition supporting actions in the Georgia Legislature and the US Congress are proposed as issues arise. By working closely with the Lake Lanier Caucus, consisting of state legislators with districts surrounding the lake, issues are discussed and plans put forward that will benefit the lake. Through these efforts funds were obtained for the effective Abandoned and Derelict Docks and Vessels program.


In 2009 Association members joined with a handful of other water users in other parts of Georgia, Florida and Alabama to for the ACF Stakeholders with the agenda of investigating the possibility of a group of water users arriving at a solution to the ‘water wars’ outside of the legal process. By serving as the initial Chair of the Governing Board and continuing as a member of the Executive Committee, the Association has maintained a position of influence to make sure that Lake Lanier interests are taken into consideration.

In 2015 a comprehensive Sustainable Water Management Plan was produced that could result in better water management with benefits for all water interests in the basis. Unfortunately the U.S. Supreme lawsuit brought by Florida against Georgia has delayed serious consideration of the plan.

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