Clean Lake

Lake Lanier Association puts huge emphasis
on the goal of maintaining a clean Lake Lanier.


Lake Lanier Association puts considerable time and dollars into staying informed and engaged with all aspects of the legal activity surrounding the water level and where it is relative to full. The 10-year average water elevation shows the annual average curve of water levels at Lanier.


LLA stays in close contact with the Corps of Engineers regarding their operating procedures at Lanier. By making sure we keep ourselves and our members educated and up-to-date about lake operations, we enable our organization to influence change where possible.

Clean Lake Initiatives

LLA is very focused on keeping Lake Lanier clean for everyone.
LLA has created many programs to engage as many people and
businesses as possible to become part of the Clean Lake solution.


Shore Sweep is our largest and most successful annual event. Our sponsors make it possible to bring together all the stakeholders of Lake Lanier for a massive clean-up day.

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Did you know that volunteers all around Lake Lanier participate in monitoring the lake? Members of the Adopt-A-Lake program are involved in a unified water quality monitoring program, collecting data regularly at locations on the lake.

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The Property Owner Pledge Agreement is a document that lists several ways property owners around Lake Lanier can help prevent that pollution from getting into the lake.

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