Adopt-A-Lake is a hands-on, volunteer run program sponsored by
LLA to monitor Lake Lanier’s makeup and share all findings
for the greater good of a healthy Lake Lanier.


Many dedicated LLA volunteers participate in the state’s longest running Adopt-a-Lake program. Knowledge, education and greater awareness of how residential, commercial, and recreational activity affects the water quality play a part in keeping the lake healthy. Adopt-A-Lake teaches volunteer participants how to taking samples and record data from their testing stations on the lake.


Volunteers monitor water quality by taking samples from 30 testing stations on the lake. These locations are separated into 3 testing sections, based on the lake’s hydrology action. Water testing data sites in narrow coves and wide open bays extend from the Buford Dam to the Chestatee River inlets. Volunteers head out to their assigned testing station on the first weekend of every month to collect data.

Adopt-a-Lake Data Collection

Volunteers make observations and record data about water
and environmental conditions at their testing station once each month.


Volunteers take Secchi readings by lowering a weighted disk into the water and measuring the maximum depth at which it can be seen, thus giving a gauge of clarity.


Volunteers take temperature of air, as well as lake water at various depths.


Volunteers fill water jugs and send them out to Gwinnett Water Lab for algae testing that defines the Lake Lanier Index. . This Index is a measure of Chlorophyll a (which determines nutrients levels) and clarity, NOT water safety.

Lake Lanier Association openly shares all information collected by Adopt-a-Lake volunteers with anyone interested in Lake Lanier water quality. LLA observations and testing are in addition to the testing done by the state agencies.

Want to get involved? We welcome new volunteers in the Adopt-A-Lake program. Please email to find out more about this opportunity.

Report sections:
Section A = North of Brown’s Bridge
Section B = center region South of the Bridge to a line from Six Mile Creek East to Aqualand Marina
Section C = South of this line to Buford Dam

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