Lake Lanier was originally built by the US Army Corps of Engineers.
LLA is diplomatic in relations with the CoE and other agencies that
manage the current and future plans for Lanier.


The amount of water discharged from Lake Lanier is managed by the USACE, whose responsibility extends to meeting all authorized purposes downstream from the lake. One of the authorized purposes is providing water supply to Metro Atlanta residents and businesses. Even while other reservoirs in the in the ACF Basin are full, water must be discharged from Lanier to meet those water supply requirements.

CoE_logo-66x50The Lake Lanier Association works closely with the USACE to emphasize the need to keep as much water stored in Lanier as possible. By having a close working relationship with both the local project office, the Mobile District office, and the South Atlantic Division office in Atlanta, LLA is able to make sure that the needs of Lanier are considered.


The Metro North Georgia Water Management District is charged by state law to provide management and policy setting for water supply and waste water treatment plants in the cities and counties in the District. The District is divided in Basin Advisory Committees, one of which is the Lanier Basin.

The body of interested water users and agencies in the Lanier Basin makes recommendations to the MNGWD. Lake Lanier Association maintains a leadership role in the Lanier BAC and is effective at working with the MNGWD to support the needs of Lake Lanier.

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