Founded in 1966, Lake Lanier Association is the oldest volunteer group
working to preserve and protect Lake Lanier and its surroundings.


Lake Lanier came to be in 1956, when the Corps of Engineers completed Buford Dam on the Chattahoochee River. The Corps built the lake to manage navigation and flood control of the Chattahoochee River, provide hydroelectricity, and supply water for the city of Atlanta.

Ten years later, after the lake and surrounding property had settled, the Lake Lanier Association was formed. It began as a group of lakeside homeowners concerned about issues that impacted the safety and value of their property and home. The environmental issues at Lake Lanier in 1966 were very different than they are today — the population of lake residents, plus those that simply visit the lake for recreation, has grown exponentially over the years and with that growth have come some significant issues.

In recent years, local news covered a story about the making of Lake Lanier and the original maps used to outline the areas where the lake would eventually exist.

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Over the years, the Lake Lanier Association has grown to 4,500 members, made up of lake residents, individuals, families, businesses, boaters and fishermen interested in the economic and recreational aspects of Lake Lanier. The organization works to protect the high water quality as well as the water level and preserve Lake Lanier’s valuable legacy for future generations through a variety of programs that support their mission.

LLA serves as the voice of citizens around the lake and across the region, striving to represent all aspects and users of the lake including wildlife, fish, homeowners and recreational users. The association seeks to use a balanced approach to protect Lake Lanier, recommending reasonable solutions to issues that affect the lake, such as water quality and water quantity.

North Georgia Community
Foundation Building
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