Become a Member today and get involved with LLA’s programs and committees and social activities. Supporting this organization’s mission is worthwhile for all and a great way to meet more residents of the lake who care about this precious resource.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Committees
    • Membership
    • Fundraising
    • Environmental/technical
    • Legislative
  • Event Planning / Organizing / Working
    • Golf Tournament
    • Annual Meeting
    • Shore Sweep:
      • work at a marina,
      • collect trash on land and by boat,
      • after party planning
  • Adopt-A-Lake-monthly data collection

Lake Lanier Association is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. We welcome volunteers to join our group, become involved in our planning and executing of special events and education. If you would like to lend a hand in any way please contact with your name and phone number.