Life Jacket Loaner Stations

Life Jacket Loaner Station Sign

Wearing life jackets saves lives. In an effort to live our mission and promote a Safe Lake Lanier experience, the Lake Lanier Association is proud to partner with the City of Cumming to pilot our first Life Jacket Loaner Program. Two stations stocked with life jackets in infant, child, youth and adult sizes are stationed along the beach of Mary Alice Park.

Dad and daughter playing on the edge of the lake

Our hope is that by having life jackets available for borrowing and returning that we can help create a safer environment for people to enjoy the Lake Lanier experience. The stations are inspected weekly and life jackets are restocked when needed. Preliminary feedback from visitors at the park and from those who have borrowed jackets has been very positive and indicates the program has been utilized, helpful and given people of all ages a safer experience around the lake.

Our intent is to expand the program in the future to include other parks and boat launch areas around the lake. We would also like to consider a life jacket donation program and are looking for opportunities to bring on interested businesses, government entities, and other charitable interests/foundations to sponsor additional stations.

Special thanks to Tracy Helms, Cumming Fairgrounds Director for agreeing to partner with us, and Derek Bong, MIG Builders, along with Micah Clark at Clark Homes for doing a great job building the stations.

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