Moving to Lake Lanier

Dog playing on the beach at Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier is one of the most unique backyards in Georgia! If you have thought about calling Lake Lanier your home, LLA has rounded up some helpful resources of information, local businesses and tips for enjoying your new home.

Corps of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers manages the water in Lake Lanier as well as the shoreline surrounding Lanier. When moving to the area many answers to your questions regarding the use of Lanier can be found on the Army Corps of Engineers website. For those that live on the lake, the Shoreline Management Plan details what can and can’t be done on the Corps of Engineers property which surrounds the lake.

Explore the Corps of Engineer’s page to learn more.

Support Local Businesses

When moving to a place with such a unique backyard, you may have questions about home-ownership, dock maintenance and other local services. LLA invites you to consider doing business with our Business Sponsors. Our Business Sponsors range from realtors, dock builders, restaurants, home improvements and more.

Consider supporting these businesses which work with LLA towards a Clean, Full and Safe Lake Lanier. Check out our Business Sponsors!

Clean Lake Pledge Sign
Take the Clean Lake Pledge

Taking the pledge is easy! Read through the pledge below and fill out the from at the bottom of the page. You will then join over 600 people who love Lanier who have pledged to help keep Lanier clean.

Why should you take the pledge? The Clean Lake Pledge is full of easy actions that people can take to reduce their water quality impacts. Lanier generally has really good water quality but there are stressors that can impact this. Together we are able to make wise choices to preserve and protect Lake Lanier. Take the Clean Lake Pledge today!

Enjoy all that Lake Lanier has to offer!

Lake Lanier creates a strong sense of community for everyone that utilizes and loves the lake. It offers something for everyone – fishing, camping, watersports, and more.

Explore our page Enjoy Lake Lanier to learn more about area resources and things to do.


Lake Lanier Association recently held an ‘Ask the Corps’ Town Hall Meeting which discussed some of the frequently asked questions regarding Shoreline Management around Lake Lanier.

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