Clean Lake Pledge

Clean Lake Pledge Sign

Take The Clean Lake Pledge

Taking the pledge is easy! Read through the pledge below and fill out the from at the bottom of the page. You will then join over 600 people who love Lanier who have pledged to help keep Lanier clean.

Why should you take the pledge? 

The Clean Lake Pledge is full of easy actions that people can take to reduce their water quality impacts. Lanier generally has really good water quality but there are stressors that can impact this. Together we are able to make wise choices to preserve and protect Lake Lanier.

Clean Lake Pledge Sign

Those who take the pledge can proudly display a sign to show their support and commitment to adhering to the recommended practices. The sign can be placed by the mailbox or other location around your home. This simple practice lets friends and neighbors know that you are doing your part in protecting Lake Lanier. Take the pledge by submitting the form below.

Yard and Grounds Protection
Boat, Dock and Equipment Maintenance
On the Lake
  • Keep trash off the lake! Practice “pack it in, pack it out” principals in and around lake. There are no trash cans or garbage removal from the islands and shoreline. Keeping them clean is all our responsibility.
  • Do not feed ducks and geese.
  • Properly maintain boat engines to prevent oil and gas spills.
  • Watch your wake! Boat operators are responsible for damage to docks, other vessels and shoreline. Remember the 100ft rule for best practice.

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