SHORE SWEEP: The Big Clean Up!

Shore Sweep 2016 will take place on Saturday, September 24th starting at 8:00AM until 1:00PM. Hundreds of volunteers, just like YOU, come together for one BIG day of getting their hands dirty — literally. Lake Lanier Association organizes this annual event for the benefit of Lake Lanier and all that enjoy its beauty. With over 1,000 volunteers collecting trash along the shores of Lake Lanier, this program is an enormous success. Join the effort this year to break the record Captain Rick Marton set when he and his crew collected 9 tons of trash!


What Do I Need To Do?

If you ever dreamed of being a trash collector, this is your lucky day. As a Shore Sweep Volunteer the first thing you need is…you guessed it — trash bags! Volunteers may pick up trash bags to collect trash from the shoreline at the lake locations listed below. Trash may be taken to these locations, with the exception of Lake Lanier Islands, where volunteers may enter at no charge through the main gate to collect trash.


Trash Collection Sites

Dawson County

  • War Hill Park

Forsyth County

  • Bald Ridge Marina
  • Port Royale Marina


  • Gwinnett Park

Hall County

  • Aqualand Marina
  • Balus Creek Boat Ramp
  • Big Creek Boat Ramp
  • Clarks Bridge Park
  • Don Carter State Park
  • Gainesville Marina
  • Lake Lanier Islands
  • Longwood Park


Not Available? Advance Trash Drop-Off Locations

In addition to our day-of-event locations, we also have eight advance drop-off locations around the lake. The advance locations are for 1 week prior to the BIG DAY. Please bring bagged trash or large items to one of these locations. Barges are scheduled to pick up at all these locations. Bringing items to the advance locations during the week prior to Shore Sweep is a great way to contribute to this event even if your schedule won’t allow you to be there on that day.

Below is the list of advance locations. The lake map coordinates are from the Atlantic Mapping Recreation and Fishing Guide for Lake Lanier.

    • Old beach at Shady Grove Park – Bald Ridge Marina area
    • Map coordinate J-7
    • Closet buoy marker 1SM
    • Boat accessible or vehicle accessible via public park
    • Beaver Ruin Road shoreline area – Bald Ridge Marina area
    • Map coordinate H-7
    • Closest buoy marker 4YD
    • Boat accessible only
    • Gwinnett Park
    • Map coordinate L-3
    • Closest buoy marker 2SC
    • Boat accessible only
    • Gaines Ferry Islands – Aqualand Marina area
    • Map coordinate N-9
    • Closest buoy marker 14
    • Boat accessible only
    • Keith’s Bridge Island – Port Royale Marina area
    • Map coordinate L-18
    • Closest buoy marker 33
    • Boat accessible only
    • Old Dawsonville Highway road bed near DNR regional office and Martin Docks – Gainesville Marina area
    • Map coordinate M-24
    • Closest buoy marker 49
    • Boat accessible or vehicle accessible via private drive
    • Unnamed island in Wahoo Creek/Clarks Bridge area
    • Map coordinate M-28
    • Closest buoy marker 2WC
    • Boat accessible only
    • Nix Island in War Hill Park area
    • Map coordinate D-21
    • Closest buoy marker 21C
    • Boat accessible only

NOTICE: ADVANCE LOCATIONS ONLY ACCEPT TRASH WHILE THE SHORE SWEEP SIGNS ARE IN PLACE. If you bring trash to any of these locations, please look for the signs posted and leave the debris close to the signs. Please DO NOT bring trash to these locations other times of the year.