We have a location request for a film production with lake front property preferred. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your information to [email protected]. See below for more details.

Location Request

Project: Country Music Television (CMT)

Subject: Reality/Action/Adventure Series

Shooting Dates: Mid August – Mid October 2014
Scouts would like to view potential sites in a week to ten days.

Location Needed: House for main series location. Unfurnished.

-large house and/or cabins near lake, or lake front property would be preferred

-less rustic, more updated look

-spacious rooms, high ceilings

-5 + bedrooms

-distant from neighbors

-on large property or near large areas for us to produce and/or build the challenges – both on land and water

Location Budget: $55K for the house rental. Additional funds available for challenge locations on open land and water.

How to respond to this lead: Email photos of the exterior and interior (wide angles and panoramic preferred)
along with the address and the name, phone and email of the contact person who is a decision maker
about the rates and availability of the property.

Reply to:

[email protected]