Buying and Selling a Used Dock, Proper Documentation and Contacting Your Area Ranger

Replacing a dock can be a fun time… You can freshen up its look, get a different set up or size to better fit your needs. Many times proper disposal of your existing dock becomes an afterthought, an annoying task that might add additional money onto the cost of the replacement. However, it is one of the most important steps to keep Lanier Clean and Safe!

The number of docks being dumped around Lanier appears to be declining, but we as a community need to remain vigilant to ensure that this trend continues, and this begins with those of you that have a dock permit! During the recent Dock Maintenance Webinar, hosted by LLA, Craig Sowers, Supervisory Natural Resources Specialist with the Corps of Engineers discussed steps to be taken if you replace your dock. Prior to replacement, contact your area ranger. The current areas for rangers and contact information can be found on the LLA website under News and Views. A change in dock size requires permitting and a new dock plan. If you intend to keep the same size you are only required to submit new dock plans which your area ranger will review. For both scenarios you need to complete the dock disposal form that your area ranger will provide. This form documents and details where your previous dock will be going and helps to cover you and ensure it does not become a dumped hazard. Below are additional steps that LLA suggests that you take to ensure your dock does not end up in an unpermitted location or dumped around the lake. The practices listed are very important for the preservation and protection of our lake. At some point in the future, it is possible your old dock may show up abandoned on the lake. If that occurs, this information can be used to locate and identify the responsible party. Additionally, these steps will cover you and ensure your dock is transferred or disposed of properly.

Proper Documentation for Buying or Selling a Used Dock – Dock Disposal or Transfer Form


If you are going to pay someone to dismantle or dispose of your dock, these are the recommended practices to ensure that the hired party does so responsibly:

1. Take thorough and comprehensive pictures of your dock to capture unique features.

2. Complete the Corps of Engineers Dock Transfer Form.

3. Use bright colored paint to mark the dock clearly. Mark it so that the markings are visible from a significant distance away. If the dock is seen crossing the lake, passersby will recognize it as a dock intended to be demolished.

4. Use a reputable contractor with a clearly marked work boat.

5. Have the contractor provide you the following documents:- Clear receipt listing the disposal for your records- The location where the dock will be dismantled.- Pictures showing your recognizable dock being dismantled and being placed in a trash receptacle, such as a dumpster or onto a truck for removal.

6. Keep a copy of your photos and documents in case the USACE asks for proof that your old dock has been disposed of properly.


If you are wishing to sell or give away your dock for use, we recommend the following:

1. Take thorough and comprehensive pictures of your dock from all angles.

2. Once a buyer is located, get their identifying information. Use a bill of sale that requires them to provide their full name, address, telephone number and dock permit number. In addition, know what information you will need for step 3. This will help prevent your dock from being scaped for metal or in an unpermitted location.

3. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has a form that is required for the transfer of ownership of a dock. Ensure you obtain and complete it. Make sure the buyer knows you are completing that form. It requires the buyer’s dock permit number. Get that number so you can show where your dock went after the sale.

4 . Report to the USACE or the LLA any irregularities in the above that give you concern that your dock did not reach its intended destination and may be abandoned elsewhere on the lake.

5. Keep a copy of all the sale or transfer paperwork for your records in case the USACE asks for proof that the sale of your dock was handled properly.


Need to contact your ranger? Find out which area you’re in and contact information via the Shoreline Area Ranger Contact Map


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