See Something Say Something: Algae

Keeping Lake Lanier clean and safe is one of our most important tasks.

Algae in Lake Lanier

Blue Green Algae in Lake Lanier can Indicate Water Quality Issues

As a lake community we can track and investigate any occurrences

Blue-green algae, cyanobacteria, was first spotted in isolated areas in Lake Lanier in 2020. These were the first documented cases. Algae is small concentrations is a necessary part of the lake’s food chain.  Higher levels or certain types can have negative impacts on fish, other aquatic life, dogs and possibly humans.

We are hopeful that the blooms in 2020 were one time occurrences. However we need to keep our eyes open throughout 2021 to identify problem areas and report algae issues. The more we know about it the better we can create a plan to eliminate the issue.

In an effort to track this issue, we need your help.  It is as simple as if you see something, say something.


Blue Green Algae in Lake Lanier
Watch for any signs of algae overgrowth in your area.

Those that use and live on the lake know what a favorite area typically looks like. Any variation to this normal coloration or the algae growth level should be noted and reported.

Algae growth in Lake Lanier is due to an increase in phosphorous. A source of this phosphorous is fertilizer.

The community monitoring for and reporting algae growth events is the key to successfully keeping a Clean Lake. Only by watching for these events, and documenting their location, can we truly know what is happening in Lake Lanier.

What we can all do to stop this:

See Something Say Something
Take Pictures

If you see something that looks like blue-green water, algae growth, spilled paint, or any other off coloration of the water, document it.

No matter how big of an area or how small, when you see an area that doesn’t look right, take photos and document the location. Stick a pin in a Google map showing the specific location or take note of a nearby address.

Report it.

We ask that you report it to us. We will then add it to our tracking, investigate further as applicable and inform the appropriate jurisdictions.  When you have the photos, report the issue to LLA

Volunteer to be a See Something Say Something area point person.

When we hear about an issue, area point people can be our first line of communication for any of our see something say something issues. If there is an area that you live on or frequent and we know a development is coming to that area, we would like to let you know to be on the look out for issues. If a dumped dock has been reported in your area, we would reach out to see if you have seen anything. Think of it as dedicated eyes on the ground that we know that we can reach out to if we have any questions. We hope to build a network for watching over Lake Lanier. If you are interested, in being an area point person, please fill out a volunteer form and let us know.

Lake Lanier shore line with boats in the distance

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