See Something Say Something: Solar Lights and Markers

Keeping Lake Lanier clean and safe is one of our most important tasks.

Down Light

Solar lights and aids to navigation can malfunction, go missing or become damaged

As a lake community we can help keep everyone safe by reporting these issues

There are 1,052 Aids to Navigation (ATONs) on Lake Lanier with 289 of them marked by a solar-powered light. The Corps of Engineers maintains and installs the ATONS and LLA, through a MOU with the Corps, installs and maintains the solar lights.

In an effort to ensure no lights are out or markers are damaged, we need your help.  It is as simple as if you see something, say something.

Solar Light
Maintained and functioning aids to navigation helps the entire community

The solar lights are designed to flash on one second and off three seconds and emit a light visible for approximately one nautical mile. As with any device, the lights eventually stop working for a variety of reasons. When this happens, the light ceases operating and must be replaced.

Damaged or missing markers can cause  many safety issues. LLA and the Corps has contractors inspecting and repairing the lights throughout the year. However, markers and lights are hit or damaged throughout the boating season.


If you see a downed, damaged or missing marker or malfunctioning solar lights, please let us know.

What we can all do to stop this:

See Something Say Something

If you see that a light is out or a marker is missing, document it

When you detect a non-operational light, downed, missing or damaged ATON note its precise location. Take a photo when applicable, and use the Corps of Engineers Navigation Map to find the marker. Click on it and note the USACE ID NUM. This is the number that we will send to the Corps or for LLA’s contractor to accurately find the issue. With many markers, and some in close proximity it is hard to accurately identify them otherwise.

Report the problem

When you have the location and USACE ID Number report the issue to LLA. We will then communicate the information to either our solar light contractor or the Corps of Engineers for marker repair or replacement.

Volunteer to be an area point person or to ‘Adopt a Light’

If you regularly boat at night in the same area(s), you can volunteer to adopt-a-light. Let us know what area you regularly have your eye on. This will allow us to know we have other eyes out there on a regular basis.

Additionally, if interested you can volunteer as an area point person. When we hear about an issue, area point people can be our first line of communication for any of our see something say something issues. If there is an area that you live on or frequent and we know a development is coming to that area, we would like to let you know to be on the look out for issues. If a dumped dock has been reported in your area, we would reach out to see if you have seen anything. Think of it as dedicated eyes on the ground that we know that we can reach out to if we have any questions. Building the network for watching over Lake Lanier. If you are interested, fill out a volunteer form and let us know.

Lake Lanier shore line with boats in the distance

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