See Something Say Something: Trash and Debris

Keeping Lake Lanier clean and safe is one of our most important tasks.

Large Trash Deposit

Prevent Trash from Piling up on Lake Lanier's Shorelines

Report areas that need to be cleaned

Plastics, dock floats, balls, Styrofoam, tires and so much more can be found on the banks of Lake Lanier. This is why LLA completes that largest cleanup in Georgia ever year Shore Sweep!

However, many times there are issue locations that need a more concerted effort throughout the year to clean up. In an effort to clean these areas, we need your help.  It is as simple as if you see something, say something.

Large Trash Deposit
Look out for and report coves and other areas with large amounts of trash buildup.

Trash in Lake Lanier has a way of finding favorite locations. The wind and currents tend to move trash and other debris into central locations, again and again.

This is good because if we can find these locations, we can organize mini cleanups throughout the year.


These pockets of trash are what we are looking for. Unfortunately we can’t cleanup natural debris such as logs, nor can we pick up a float here or there, however we can tackle the hotspots. It goes without saying, if you are on this site, you already know that there are no magic trash fairies that clean up the islands and beaches at night.

What we can all do to stop this:

See Something Say Something
Take Pictures

If you see a large trash pile in need of a group cleanup let LLA know.

We complete mini cleanups around Lake Lanier throughout the year. We are unable to scope out every cove and this is where you can help. Exploring on your jet ski, kayak, boat or backyard you can happen upon a pile or trash.

Report it.

Please take some photos from various angles and drop a pin on a map or coordinates of the location. Once you have that information please, report the trash to LLA.

Volunteer to be an LLA See Something Say Something area point person.

When we hear about an issue, area point people can be our first line of communication for any of our see something say something issues. If there is an area that you live on or frequent and we know a development is coming to that area, we would like to let you know to be on the look out for issues. If a dumped dock has been reported in your area, we would reach out to see if you have seen anything. Think of it as dedicated eyes on the ground that we know that we can reach out to if we have any questions. Building the network for watching over Lake Lanier. If you are interested, fill out a volunteer form and let us know.

Lake Lanier shore line with boats in the distance

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