With the increased popularity of paddle sports, many people are purchasing and enjoying kayaks, canoes and paddleboards on Lake Lanier. Paddle sports are easy and allow just about anyone to enjoy boating on the lake. Sharing lake space with large, powered vessels has risks and there is a correct, safe way to do paddle sports and have fun on Lake Lanier.

The Lake Lanier Association is offering a free, Kayaking 101 class to members who have kayaks and would like some help using kayaks on the lake, staying safe, and having fun. The class will be taught by a ACA Certified Instructor at Mary Alice Park in Cumming. The class will be held on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 from 6:00PM-8:00PM. Advance reservations are required. Depending on the response we get, additional classes may be offered at other locations in the future.

The class will cover the following subjects and answer additional questions from students:

– Why is my kayak completely different from my neighbors and does size matter?
– What additional equipment do I need and will I get wet? (Yes, you are going to get wet, it is a water sport!)
– How do I safely get in and out of the boat?
– What are proper paddle strokes? (Also known as, you’re not doing it right if your arms get really tired.)
– Are there any designated places to paddle on the lake and surrounding areas?
– Is that big boat going to run over me???? Which will include basic rules of boat safety and other ideas for making sure you are seen and have fun on the lake.

The instructor will bring various types and lengths boats to try but you are encouraged to bring your kayak to the class. If you don’t have a kayak but are thinking about getting a kayak and want advice, you are welcome to join. The class will be limited to 25 students and you must be 15 years or older to join. This is just kayaks at this time, if we get many requests for canoes and paddle board we will look into adding classes for those at a later date.

To reserve your spot, click on the below link: