Program Update by Todd Baxter LLA President

Article extracted from the Wrap-Up to Summer 2022 Newsletter

I’m pleased to report we had our best season in terms of light functionality since the lights were originally installed 10 years ago! Our partner, Lanier Services 3 (LS3), conducted their annual nighttime survey of every single solar light on the lake (all 289 of them!) in April of this year. They quickly worked to replace malfunctioning lights, ensuring we had all lights (except for ones with missing poles, which were identified for replacement by USACE) functioning in early May, prior to the busy on-water season.

During the summer LS3 quickly worked each week to address issues as they arose, and they were also instrumental in the “emergency marking” of down markers while putting them in queue for USACE to make the official repairs. In addition to these activities, you may recall that early in 2021 we decided to enact a maintenance program for the solar lights. The lights have a 3 year warranty and are generally holding up well for that period of time. Our goal with this new maintenance program is to replace each light every 3 years, to help ensure the highest possible percentage of lights are operating within their warranty period.

In 2021, LS3 replaced 100 lights, and just last month they finished replacing the next 100 lights which were scheduled for 2022. That means over two thirds of the lights on the lake are new!

Terry Borovitcky, owner of LS3, said “Thank you LLA and USACE for allowing LS3 to serve the lake. We are proud to make nighttime boating a safer and more enjoyable experience by keeping the lights on!”

LLA looks forward to partnering with LS3 again in 2023. Together, we will continue to improve the solar light program to safely mark hazardous areas around Lanier and make nighttime boating safer throughout the year.


Wow – that’s some shallow water!

Did you know that the solar lights on Lake Lanier are used to help illuminate hazards for safer boating after dark?

This particular light and hazard marker is in very shallow water, making this a very dangerous spot on the lake regardless of the time of day.

Not only is it dangerous for boaters, but the efforts required to maintain these lights are also dangerous for LS3, our solar light marine contractor. This photo was snapped during a recent maintenance run where 25 solar lights were replaced and upgraded with the latest models.

Thank you LS3 for helping keep Lake Lanier safe!


From Left to Right:

Todd Baxter (LLA President) and Terry Borovitcky (Owner of LS3)

enjoying the photobooth during the

LLA Annual Member Celebration, April 2022