A Note About the New Year from the LLA Board of Directors


As an organization LLA continually assesses our programs to ensure that we are making the most impact possible on Lanier and for our members. In 2021, we increased our communications, events and on lake initiatives. We have seen an even greater need for additions to our on lake initiatives in 2022, plans detailed in the letter from the President and throughout our Spring 2022 Newsletter.

It became apparent that in order to bring some of the plans to fruition, LLA was going to need a dedicated vessel. For many years the organization has been very successful utilizing volunteer vessels whether to check out problems, take water samples, remove trash or inspect rip rap installation. We plan to still utilize volunteer vessels, however this past year it became apparent that LLA needed ongoing access to a tritoon. A vessel that could be beached for cleanups, easily cleaned after being piled with trash, a boat that had the capacity to move volunteers and stakeholders, easily used for testing and scouting missions yet still be most importantly a work horse. We realized it also wouldn’t hurt to have a vessel branded as part of the Lake Lanier Association to go look at problems to spread awareness of the organizations actions.


With this need identified the LLA Board of Directors started the search for a vessel that would fit this criteria. Thanks to Gainesville Marina we were able to purchase, at a good price, a well maintained and gently used 24 foot Berkshire tritoon from their rental fleet. This boating season keep your eyes peeled for this new addition to Lake Lanier that will be utilized to make Lanier a better place for all users.

If everything works out, we plan to have our new boat on display at this year’s Annual Member Celebration at Aqualand Marina April 23rd. If you are unable to make it to the Member Celebration we can catch a glimpse of it on the docks while you eat at Skogies.


We would like to thank all of the business sponsors who have already stepped up to support this new addition to the LLA team. Philip Burton with Gainesville Marina and Paul Perdue with Perdue Vision who will be providing his talents for the branding and wrapping of the boat. Time and time again, this organization has been amazed by the support for the community and we look forward to additional partnerships in support of this resource.

LLA is already putting the boat to good use! In just a few weeks, the LLA vessel has already been used to train new Adopt-a-Lake water tester volunteers, scout locations for our next round of Rip Rap and more. 

If you see the LLA boat on the lake this summer, be sure to wave and say hello!