Meet Victoria Clevenger

LLA’s New Executive Director


Victoria Clevenger was named Executive Director in November 2023. She is no stranger to the LLA community – She first joined the staff of the LLA in February 2021, as Membership and Communications Coordinator.

Over the past three years, she has spearheaded internal communications to LLA members through the quarterly newsletter, social media, email marketing and website updates. She has had direct interactions with volunteers working on our signature events – the Annual Member Celebration and Shore Sweep.

She earned her MBA and undergrad degree from Lee University in Cleveland, TN. She is an Ohio native and spent many years in Tennessee before relocating to Georgia to join the LLA team. She came to the LLA with over five years of sales and marketing experience for a higher-ed non-profit in Tennessee. She brings to the LLA team a creative eye, excellent project management skills and a passion for building strong relationships.




A Letter from the Executive Director


To the Lake Lanier Association Community –

It is a great honor and privilege to step into the role of Executive Director. Over the past 3 years, I’ve come to deeply love this community and the warmth it’s shown me since day one. As you may have noticed from my bio, Georgia hasn’t always been my home. However, now that it is, I’m so pleased to have the Lake Lanier area as my backyard. It’s always an exciting topic to discuss with friends and family who live out of state. For me, Lake Lanier is the source of so many fond memories with friends, it’s the place I bring out of town guests – as they never fully grasp its size until they see Lanier with their own eyes. The lake, much like it is for so many of you, has quickly become my happy place. As I make my way into this new role, I am eager to make everyone proud of the Lake Lanier Association and its work towards a Clean, Full and Safe Lake Lanier.

To our current members, business sponsors and community members – thank you for the support you’ve shown us since 1966. Though I’ve only experienced it for a few years, I know the strength, pride and love for Lanier runs deep in the heart of this community. Thank you for so graciously welcoming me into this new role and I look forward to seeing you all around the lake in the new year.

Lastly, to the LLA Board of Directors, a special thank you for entrusting me with this new responsibility. I could speak for hours about the encouragement, guidance and grit I’ve been taught by this group since joining the LLA team. It is an honor to work and serve this community alongside each of you. The immeasurable support has been an overwhelming experience as I step into this new role – and I thank you for it.

Whether the lake is your backyard, the place of your business, your playground, or just your drinking water – please know that the LLA is here for Lanier. The LLA team, myself included, is looking out for its preservation and protection for generations to come. If you aren’t already, I urge you to support our mission in 2024 and join us. Any donation amount can make a difference – like a small pebble thrown into a puddle, a ripple effect emerges. Will you be a part of the ripple effect and help LLA make bigger waves this upcoming year?

I invite you all to join us in our efforts to protect the area’s most valuable resource. It truly takes us all working together to accomplish a Clean, Full and Safe Lake Lanier for generations to come.

Victoria Clevenger, Executive Director


Connect with Victoria

Office: (770) 744-4547 | Cell: (937) 524-3373 | Email: [email protected]