There is proposed legislation currently in the state house of representatives, HB 356, related to boat titles. The Lake Lanier Association is strongly in favor of this legislation and we would like our members to reach out to their state house representatives and state senators and ask them to vote in favor of HB 356. Here is why:

  • Georgia is one of few states in the US that doesn’t title vessels. As a result, tracking ownership over the course of time, especially as a vessel changes owners, can be difficult.
  • Georgia ranks in the top 5% of states in the nation in boat theft – partially due to the non-title issue.
  • Some of the abandoned vessel problems we have been faced with on Lake Lanier is attributable to not having boat titles and not being able to trace the legal owner.
  • Some lenders are less willing to finance boat sales in a non-title state. That leaves fewer lenders willing to finance, which translates into less competition in this market, and higher interest rates charged on boat loans to consumers.
  • The boat title registration would take the place of the sales and ad-valorem tax system we current operate under for new and used boat sales, and would replace the current DNR registration system. It would work in a very similar fashion to how we currently handle our annual vehicle registration. The boat title registration would streamline the system and would move us to a system that consumers already understand.
  • The boat title registration would NOT be an additional tax. It would simply change the process around how we currently pay boat tax. The proposed legislation calls for a 4% tax rate on vessels — this 4% replaces the current boat sales tax and ad-valorem tax. The proposed legislation calls for an implementation date of 1/1/2016 – but that is subject to be moved out to 1/1/2017 pending feedback from the agencies affected by this change.

For specific details regarding the bill, please click the below link.

Below is a list of state representatives and state senators that represent areas surrounding Lake Lanier along with the office phone and email contact information.