The Corps of Engineers has agreed to review their policy of prohibiting security cameras at private docks on Lake Lanier. They have issued a call for public comments on that policy and, based on those comments, that policy will either be upheld or repealed.

The Lake Lanier Association is in favor of the policy being repealed. The Corps of Engineers has stated that the policy was based out of concern for individual privacy while recreating on public land. We feel that, given the great majority of persons recreating on the lake in possession of a mobile device with photo and video capabilities, that concern is no longer applicable. We also feel that cameras would benefit public safety and be an aide to protecting personal property.

We would like our members to submit comments to the Corps of Engineers regarding this policy. There is power in numbers, so please send your comments in. The deadline for comments is no later than June 16, 2017. Send your comments by email to Below is that press release regarding this matter issued by the Corps of Engineers.

1705-03_Lanier_surveillance camera comments - OP-TR3Subm