Call for Volunteers!

The LLA invites you to consider how you can get involved in 2023.

In our most recent newsletter, the Fall 2022 edition of the Lanier Outlook, we shared about several volunteer opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about each of the volunteer opportunities and needs we have right now!



Board Photo 2022Become an LLA Board Member

We are looking to hear from individuals with expertise, ability, passion, and dedicated time to serve on the LLA Board of Directors. Interested parties can send their resume and a brief introduction to LLA President, Todd Baxter. Intro emails should include a statement about your desire to join the LLA Board and the value you hope to bring to the Lake Lanier Association.

Interested candidates can send their resume to Todd Baxter at [email protected] for further consideration. Learn more about the LLA Board of Directors on our website here.



Adopt-a-Lake Water TestingAdopt-a-Lake Water Testers 

LLA is looking for volunteers to collect water samples and perform the Adopt-a-Lake Water Quality responsibilities! Help is needed in the following locations:

  • Toto Creek or Thompson Creek area in Dawson County
  • Old Federal Island and Lanier Sailing Club area (2 volunteers preferred)
  • Thompson Bridge (Gainesville) and Little River

Adopt-a-Lake water testers collect samples once per month, year round. Having your own vessel to collect samples is preferred. Samples are collected once during a 10 day period each month, generally the 9th-19th (schedule will be provided). After the sample is collected, volunteers bring the sample and data sheet to the LLA office. All details provided during training. The LLA understands cold weather conditions and makes allowances when possible. LLA provides testing equpiment and training.

Interested in helping test the water of Lanier? Please email LLA, with ATTN: Bev Nicholls at [email protected] Learn more about the Adopt-a-Lake program on our website here. 


Join a Committee:

The LLA has several committees to help us make a great impact around Lake Lanier! We are looking to add new committee members to the following committees. 

Business Member Committee 

This committee is activiely recruiting, educating and supporting the LLA Business Members! As a member, you will visit Business Members and share the LLA mission, plans and activities, as well as offer opportunities to get involved with the LLA community.

The Business Member Committee is vital in assisting the LLA staff, so participation includes helping Business Members join or renew their LLA membership. The Business Member Committee meets once a month throughout the year. Please reach out to Sheila Davis at [email protected] with questions and to join the committee.

Learn more about the LLA Business Members on our website here. 


Social Committee 

Do you like planning and executing special events? What about entertaining large crowds? Then the LLA Social Committee is for you!

As a committee member, you will help plan the LLA Annual Member Celebration which takes place annually in the spring. In addition, there are opportunities to plan pop-up social events for LLA members at various, fun places around Lanier.

This is a new committee, and the first meeting is slated to be held in January. We need several dedicated members to help us organize upcoming events and socials. Please reach out to [email protected] to join the Social Committee!



Erosion & Sedimentation Committee

Have you ever noticed a river of red water sunning into the lake during or soon after a storm? Or noticed an increased amount of sediment at the bottom of the lake along the shoreline? We certainly have and so we formed the Erosion & Sedimentation (E&S) Committee six years ago to focus attention on activities that affect the lake through erosion, runoff, and sedimentation. Typically, these are construction projects on land bordering the lake and its tributaries. But impacts to water quality take other forms that are equally threatening to the lake, such as increased volumes of trash, nitrogen, metals, oils, phosphorus and E. coli. These are all areas with which the E&S Committee concerns itself.

Who is on the E&S Committee and what do they do? Two Board members and one LLA member currently make up the Committee. Those three members take on the job of receiving and responding to reports from members of the types of activities mentioned above. That usually means visiting a site to view a situation firsthand, working with affected LLA members, and then communicating with developers, civil engineers, contractors and local government officials to help rectify the problem.

But sometimes it also means getting out in the rain and trudging through mud, collecting and analyzing water samples, taking photographs and otherwise documenting problem sites that are not being adequately monitored and policed by the responsible government agencies. Oh, and finding, interpreting, and applying the appropriate laws, regulations, ordinances, and best management practices.

Who would be a good volunteer? Anybody who cares about the lake and wants to help keep it clean and free from sedimentation and pollution. If you’ve got training, experience, or knowledge about the types of things described above, you could be especially helpful. Three people is not enough and the Committee needs help with all of its activities.

How do I get involved? It’s easy! Send an email to Amy McGuire at [email protected] with your name, contact information, and a resume or summary of your experience and/or expertise in anything related to what the Committee gets involved in. We’ll follow up and explore how the Committee’s activities and your desires fit together.

Learn more about the LLA’s efforts in Erosion and Sedimantaion on our website here.


Don’t see something you’re interest in?
There are many ways to get involved with the LLA!

Whether you want to be involved through your membership, volunteering, attending events or through it all, your commitment is a step towards a Clean, Full and Safe Lake Lanier. Learn more about getting involved with the Lake Lanier Association on our website here.