Your Dollars at Work on Lake Lanier

Through Education, Action & Advocacy


Donating to the LLA goes well beyond knowing you are part of a group of concerned
constituents who partner together to keep Lake Lanier Clean, Full, and Safe. Your
generosity directly supports LLA’s programs in measurable ways. Consider how the
impact of your contribution completes the tasks supported by each donation level
and you can clearly visualize the tangible impact of your support.


To The LLA Community –

As you may have read in our most recent newsletter, our focus in 2024 is going to be on
funneling every possible dollar in to our programs, growing or investing in each of them,
while also funding additional projects designed to keep our beloved Lake Lanier Clean, Full
and Safe for all!

I’m excited to share a change in approach with you which will benefit and promote this
effort. Going forward we wish to promote and quantify the work done through your
generosity. Our hope is you can “see and enjoy” your financial contributions in tangible

Current members and donors will remain active in their current plan through their renewal
date. Once you renew, or for those new to the association from now on, we have established
the following LLA Donation Levels (see below).

I wish we could recognize each and every one of you in more specific ways – kind of like
when you see a plaque on a bench – “This seat sponsored by the Jones family.” – or in brick
pavers – “Smith Family – 2024″ – marking each and every accomplishment. With 1000s of
donors, we’d have ‘signs’ recognizing your generosity all over the lake! When I look through
that lens at our collective accomplishments, though, I see your contributions everywhere –
every solar light, every bag of trash, every black float removed, etc. Thank you for making
such a difference!

We are excited to partner with you going forward to ensure you know how your donations
are contributing to our greater good – and ultimately, protecting and preserving the lake we
all love!

Todd Baxter | LLA President



  • Skipper Level – $100
    • Enables removal of 1 black float from the lake
    • Funds installation of 1 linear foot of Rip-Rap erosion protection
    • Funds purchase of 8 life jackets for lakeside loaner stations
    • Provides volunteers with items necessary for projects – t-shirts, 5 boxes of trash bags, 100 gloves
  • Commander Level – $250
    • Funds installation of 3 linear feet of Rip-Rap erosion protection
    • Enables removal of up to 1.5 tons of trash
    • Funds the replacement of 1 Solar Light
    • Funds the replacement of 1 Channel Marker
    • Funds the placement of 1 Safety Hazard Marker
  • Captain Level – $500
    • Provides 1 commercial dumpster for use in Shore Sweep
    • Funds installation of 5 linear feet of Rip-Rap erosion protection
    • Provides Water Quality Testing Supplies for 1 full year
    • Provides for distribution of 40+ life jackets at on-lake events
  • Admiral Level – $1000
    • Provides Heavy Equipment machinery for 1 Shore Sweep location
    • Enables removal of 10 black floats from the lake
    • Provides funding for various other on lake initiatives, including E&S and ADDV activities
    • Provide 800 volunteers with necessary supplies to help Shore Sweep


Ready to join or renew your LLA Membership? Just follow the green “Join or Renew” button in the upper right-hand corner of this web-page and follow the prompts to support LLA with your donation. The LLA’s work towards a Clean, Full and Safe Lake Lanier is not possible without your help!

All donations are considered tax-deductible under IRS 501(c)3 tax code. If you’re interested in supporting the LLA as a Business Sponsor, please contact LLA at [email protected].