The Lake Lanier Association has partnered with the Buford Office of the USACE to develop this pilot project geared toward learning more about the feasibility of ultimately replacing all 238 Navigation Markers on the lake. The Navigation Markers are the red and green markers used to navigate location on Lanier. The vast majority of Navigation Markers currently on Lake Lanier have been in place for more than 20 years.  This RFP is focused on the initial stage, or pilot proof of concept, of replacing approximately 28 navigation markers on the lake.  Upon completion of this pilot project, what has been learned will be shared between LLA and USACE, who will determine the feasibility and cost of replacing all Navigation Markers on Lake Lanier.  Should LLA move forward with a plan to replace 100% of the Navigation Markers on the lake, LLA plans to issue another RFP in early 2023 to procure bids for the full project.

Project Objectives – 28 Navigation Markers have been identified for replacement in this pilot, located in contiguous fashion in the Chestatee area of Lake Lanier.

Proposals must be submitted to LLA no later than Friday April 22, 2022, at 5:00 PM ET unless otherwise extended by LLA. All proposals must be submitted to [email protected].



Old Marker Example

Old Marker


New Marker

New Marker