The Lake Lanier Association 2014 Annual Member meeting is coming up this Sunday, April 27th at the Carriage House Pavilion at Lake Lanier Islands. The candidate meet and greet portion of the meeting starts at 4:00PM and the business portion of the meeting begins at 5:00PM. We have over 25 local, state, and federal elected officials or candidates for office that will be in attendance for our members to meet and talk to regarding their interests and concerns.

Frank Norton, Jr. will give an outlook presentation regarding economic trends and market activity related to Lake Lanier. We will also have updates from the Corps of Engineers on several of their Lake Lanier related projects, and, of course, we will give an update on all the different projects and services offered by the Lake Lanier Association to the lake community.

There will also be several local lake-related businesses in attendance for you to get updates on products and services that are of interest to you as a lake recreational user, merchant, or property owner. Lake Lanier Islands at Sunset Cove, will be hosting an In The Water Boat Show this weekend. If you want to come out early and see the boats prior to the start of the Annual Meeting, you are encouraged to do so.

This meeting is presented as a member service. There is no fee for members to attend this meeting. Non-members are welcome to attend and encouraged to join at the meeting! We hope to see you there.