The LLA recently received this message as a BoatU.S. cooperating group. While the webinar referenced in the message has already taken place so you cannot participate in that live feed, you can review the information online at the website listed.


Dear BoatU.S. Cooperating Group,

 Recently there were four people-three children and one adult-who were killed in separate accidents involving electricity that was leaking into the water at marinas.

 If you have docks with electricity, and are in fresh or brackish water, we want to share an important safety opportunity with you.  Our friends at American Boat and Yacht Council are having a FREE online webinar Wednesday July 18th from 1pm – 3pm ET to talk about electric shock drowning, and how you can help prevent it at your facility.  

 Electric shock drowning is the result of a typically low level alternating current passing through the body while immersed in fresh water. The force is sufficient enough to cause skeletal muscular paralysis, rendering the victim helpless and unable to swim. This type of fault can happen in any natural water but becomes fatal in fresh water due to lower water conductivity. Salt water has a higher conductivity

 The below link has more information including an online webinar: