Lake levels are rising rapidly today due to recent rains.  The lake has already risen almost eleven (11) inches in the last week and is at 1057.24 as this is being written.  Inflows are running at more than 500% of the average for this day (~4450 cfs in the Chattahoochee and ~1900 cfs in the Chestatee).  Rising lake levels can cause problems for dock owners in several ways.  First, ramps can end up in the water, making it difficult to move docks back toward their full pool positions.  More seriously, anchor poles can either be lifted off the bottom if there’s not enough slack in the lifting cables or they can slide out of the bottoms of their collars if the dock rises beyond the poles’ reach.  Combined with the high winds we are experiencing today (over 20 mph), anchor pole problems can result in docks being dislodged and blown away from their normal mooring sites, causing damage to themselves, adjacent docks, or nearby boats.  It’s also a good idea in the event of heavy winds to make sure your shore cables are sound and secure.

 Please be sure to check your dock and make adjustments as necessary.