GAINESVILLE – Joanna Cloud, Executive Director of the Lake Lanier Association, today announced that the association is awarding its Good Samaritan Award to Steven and Sophia Clanton for their rescue of a family including two small children in a capsized jon boat on Lake Lanier Sunday (March 10).

The family, a father, mother, five-year-old boy, and seven-month-old baby girl, were recreating in a small fishing boat when their boat was swamped by waves created by a combination of larger passing boats and wind. The boat capsized into 47-degree water.

The Clantons happened to be in the area fishing from their own boat with their two sons. When the small boat capsized, the Clantons were able to get to the family in the water, pull them out to safety, give them clothing to help offset the risk of hypothermia, and call 911. The Clantons then drove the family to a nearby boat ramp to meet emergency services personnel.

The Lake Lanier Association emphasizes that all children on a boat should be wearing a lifejacket at all times. The LLA also encourages all boaters to be aware of the wake they are creating for others and consider options to minimize their wake.