Safe Lake

Lake Lanier hosts over 7.5 million visitors annually — people who come to boat, swim,
and fish in the 39,000 acres of open water or just picnic along the 692 miles of shoreline.
Safety awareness is a huge concern and LLA does its part to educate and protect.


Lake Lanier Association understands the dangers inherent in public usage of a large body of water. Ongoing efforts to keep the lake clean and full aid in keeping it safe as well. Making sure hazardous areas are visibly marked and corralling abandoned boats and docks works toward the goal of a safe lake.


LLA also works to educate lake visitors about boating safety guidelines. Understanding the different markers around the lake, knowing the “Rules of the Road,” making sure there are enough life jackets for everyone, and stopping or swimming only in safe areas keep boat captains and their passengers safe.

Safe Lake Initiatives

In addition to advocating for and maintaining a clean, full lake, LLA strives to help
keep Lake Lanier a safe recreational area for everyone. The focus on safety is split between
those issues related to the physical land and water of the lake, as well as boating
regulations that help its users know how to treat each other on the water.


In conjunction with the Corps of Engineers, LLA manages a program for installing solar powered lights on existing hazard markers to aid in nighttime navigation.

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In cooperation with the Corps of Engineers, LLA has taken on the responsibility to document, investigate, and remove abandoned docks and vessels.

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