The Lake Lanier Association is looking for volunteers to help us with monitoring the solar light installations on the lake. We need volunteers to, once a month, observe an installed solar light during the operating hours of dusk till dawn and then correspond with us that the light is either working properly or is malfunctioning so that we can get a repair scheduled. This observation can be done from either a boat on the water close to the light or from a shoreline area such as a private residence provided there is a view of the light. This observation will take less than one minute per month. The correspondence component will be a simple inspection report transmitted via email documenting date, time, light location, and a note about proper function or malfunction with a description of what the malfunction is. Volunteers will have a one week window at the beginning of each month to perform their observation and get their inspection report sent in to us.

We currently have about 125 lights installed. All of the current installations are south of Browns Bridge. A full list of the lights and their location is below. A graphical representation of the light installations using Google Earth satellite imagery is available on our website at the following link:

Volunteers are welcome to sign up for just one light, or more if they feel they can commit to additional lights. This would be a great community service project for some of the fishing clubs, sailing clubs, or homeowner association groups around the lake!

If you would be willing to be a solar light monitoring volunteer, please send us an email at so we can get you on the list for monitoring. If you can give us an idea of where you would like to monitor, we will go ahead and start marking the different assignments on a shared sheet. Thank you, in advance, for considering this service to your community!

Solar Light Installation as of 12/07/2014

Area of the Lake Marker Label Latitude Longitude
Baldridge Creek BR01 34,10,51N 84,04,11W
Baldridge Creek BR02 34,11,27N 84,04,35W
Baldridge Creek BR03 34,12,23N 84,04,52W
Baldridge Creek BR04 34,12,40N 84,04,57W
Baldridge Creek BR05 34,12,34N 84,05,00W
Baldridge Creek BR06 34,12,24N 84,05,02W
Baldridge Creek BR07 34,12,18N 84,05,24W
Baldridge Creek BR08 34,12,21N 84,05,28W
Baldridge Creek BR09 34,12,16N 84,06,15W
Baldridge Creek BR10 34,12,00N 84,06,17W
Baldridge Creek BR11 34,11,51N 84,05,27W
Baldridge Creek BR12 34,11,41N 84,05,07W
Baldridge Creek BR13 34,11,28N 84,04,56W
Baldridge Creek BR14 34,11,25N 84,05,10W
Baldridge Creek BR15 34,11,11N 84,04,26W
Baldridge Creek BR16 34,10,11N 84,04,13W
Baldridge Creek BR17 34,10,24N 84,04,27W
Baldridge Creek BR18 34,10,20N 84,03,52W
Big Creek BC1 33,52,03N 84,00,45W
Big Creek BC2 34,06,04N 84,00,45W
Big Creek BC3 34,10,38N 84,00,00W
Big Creek BC4 34,10,00N 83,59,08W
Big Creek BC5 34,10,20N 83,59,08W
Big Creek BC6 34,10,29N 83,59,14W
Big Creek BC7 34,10,38N 83,59,03W
Big Creek BC8 34,10,32N 83,59,33W
Big Creek BC9 34,10,36N 83,59,40W
Chattahoochee River CR01 34,13,27N 83,58,39W
Chattahoochee River CR02 34,13,20N 83,58,42W
Chattahoochee River CR03 34,12,53N 83,59,13W
Chattahoochee River CR04 34,12,30N 83,59,26W
Chattahoochee River CR05 34,12,24N 83,59,21W
Chattahoochee River CR06 34,12,26N 83,59,31W
Chattahoochee River CR07 34,12,21N 83,59,43W
Chattahoochee River CR08 34,12,18N 83,59,46W
Chattahoochee River CR09 34,11,52N 84,00,30W
Chattahoochee River CR10 34,11,46N 84,00,36W
Chattahoochee River CR11 34,11,10N 84,01,05W
Chattahoochee River CR12 34,11,14N 84,02,17W
Chattahoochee River CR13 34,11,16N 84,02,19W
Chattahoochee River CR14 34,11,04N 84,02,23W
Chattahoochee River CR15 34,10,40N 84,03,55W
Chattahoochee River CR16 34,10,10N 84,02,58W
Chattahoochee River CR17 34,12,42N 83,58,56W
Chattahoochee River CR18 34,14,13N 83,57,23W
Chattahoochee River CR19 34,14,12N 83,57,22W
Chattahoochee River CR20 34,14,33N 83,57,35W
Flat Creek FC1 34,15,14N 83,56,49W
Flat Creek FC2 34,15,14N 83,56,09W
Flat Creek FC3 34,15,03N 83,56,55W
Flat Creek FC4 34,14,35N 83,56,15W
Flat Creek FC5 34,14,27N 83,56,15W
Flowery Branch FB01 34,11,16N 83,59,19W
Flowery Branch FB02 34,11,14N 83,59,11W
Flowery Branch FB03 34,11,20N 83,58,18W
Flowery Branch FB04 34,11,06N 83,57,55W
Flowery Branch FB05 34,11,18N 83,57,49W
Flowery Branch FB06 34,11,16N 83,57,05W
Flowery Branch FB07 34,11,50N 83,57,28W
Flowery Branch FB08 34,12,10N 83,58,41W
Flowery Branch FB09 34,12,08N 83,58,43W
Flowery Branch FB10 34,12,06N 83,58,48W
Flowery Branch FB11 34,12,04N 83,58,50W
Flowery Branch FB12 34,12,06N 83,58,51W
Flowery Branch FB14 34,12,04N 83,58,55W
Four Mile Creek FM1 34,13,14N 84,00,23W
Four Mile Creek FM2 34,13,20N 84,00,36W
Mud Creek MC1 34,13,26N 83,56,41W
Mud Creek MC2 34,13,28N 83,56,31W
Mud Creek MC3 34,13,30N 83,56,30W
Mud Creek MC4 34,13,35N 83,56,35W
Mud Creek MC5 34,13,50N 83,56,25W
Mud Creek MC6 34,13,48N 83,56,19W
Mud Creek MC7 34,14,26N 83,56,41W
Mud Creek MC8 34,13,12N 83,56,58W
Old Federal OF1 34,13,25N 83,57,41W
Old Federal OF2 34,13,37N 83,57,48W
Old Federal OF3 34,13,28N 83,57,37W
Old Federal OF4 34,13,30N 83,57,24W
Old Federal OF5 34,13,40N 83,57,20W
Old Federal OF6 34,13,34N 83,57,09W
Old Federal OF7 34,13,42N 83,57,09W
Old Federal OF8 34,13,44N 83,57,09W
Old Federal OF9 34,13,48N 83,57,09W
Orr Creek OC1 34,12,38N 83,57,10W
Orr Creek OC2 34,12,38N 83,56,48W
Orr Creek OC3 34,12,34N 83,56,56W
Orr Creek OC4 34,12,36N 83,56,50W
Orr Creek OC5 34,12,58N 83,56,58W
Shoal Creek SC1 34,09,46N 84,03,12W
Shoal Creek SC2 34,09,25N 84,03,24W
Shoal Creek SC3 34,09,25N 84,02,16W
Shoal Creek SC4 34,09,28N 84,02,08W
Shoal Creek SC5 34,09,29N 84,00,23W
Six Mile Creek SM1 34,11,49N 84,01,45W
Six Mile Creek SM2 34,12,32N 84,01,45W
Six Mile Creek SM3 34,12,29N 84,01,43W
Six Mile Creek SM4 34,12,58N 84,01,20W
Six Mile Creek SM5 34,13,04N 84,01,25W
Two Mile Creek TM01 34,11,56N 84,01,23W
Two Mile Creek TM02 34,12,06N 84,00,05W
Two Mile Creek TM03 34,13,17N 83,59,47W
Two Mile Creek TM04 34,13,11N 83,59,58W
Two Mile Creek TM05 34,13,11N 84,00,10W
Two Mile Creek TM06 34,12,57N 84,00,20W
Two Mile Creek TM07 34,12,57N 84,00,20W
Two Mile Creek TM08 34,12,51N 84,00,40W
Two Mile Creek TM09 34,12,44N 84,00,50W
Two Mile Creek TM10 34,11,58N 84,00,38W
Two Mile Creek TM11 34,12,12N 84,00,23W
Two Mile Creek TM12 34,12,13N 84,00,11W
Two Mile Creek TM13 34,12,36N 83,59,56W
Two Mile Creek TM14 34,12,31N 84,01,08W
Vann’s Tavern VT1 34,13,56N 83,58,48W
Vann’s Tavern VT2 34,13,46N 83,58,48W
Vann’s Tavern VT3 34,13,40N 83,58,46W
Young Deer Creek YD1 34,12,48N 84,03,47W
Young Deer Creek YD2 34,13,08N 84,03,49W
Young Deer Creek YD3 34,13,17N 84,03,50W
Young Deer Creek YD4 34,12,14N 84,03,33W
Young Deer Creek YD5 34,11,41N 84,03,43W
Young Deer Creek YD6 34,11,44N 84,03,40W