Shore Sweep 2012 is one week away! Similar to last year, for Shore Sweep this year, in addition to our day-of-event locations–marinas, Lake Lanier Islands, Clarks Bridge, and War Hill Parks–we also have nine advance drop off locations around the lake. The advance locations are open starting Monday, 9/24 through Friday evening, 9/28. You can go ahead and bring bagged trash or large items and leave them at one of these locations. We have volunteers with boats scheduled to pick up at all these locations on Saturday morning for removal. Especially if you are not available to help with Shore Sweep next Saturday, bringing items to the advance locations during the week is a great way to contribute to this event even if your schedule won’t allow you to be there on Saturday.

 For the advance locations, THEY ONLY ACCEPT TRASH WHILE THE SHORE SWEEP SIGNS ARE IN PLACE. Please DO NOT bring trash to these locations other times of the year. Below is the list of advance locations. If you bring trash to any of these locations, please look for the signs posted and leave the debris close to the signs.

 The lake map coordinates are from the Atlantic Mapping Recreation and Fishing Guide for Lake Lanier.

  1. Map coordinate J-12, buoy marker 1SM, beach at Shady Grove Park
  2. Map coordinate H-7, Beaver Ruin Road shoreline area
  3. Map coordinate N-4, Lanier Harbor Marina
  4. Map coordinate N-9, buoy 14, Gaines Ferry Islands
  5. Map coordinate L-18, buoy 33, Keith’s Bridge Island
  6. Map coordinate M-24, Old Dawsonville Highway road bed near DNR regional office and Martin Docks
  7. Map coordinate M-28, buoy 2WC, unnamed island
  8. Map coordinate D-21, buoy 21C, Nix Island
  9. Map coordinate B-23, buoy 25C, Toto Creek boat launch

Shore Sweep itself takes place Saturday, September 29th starting at 8:00AM and ending at 1:00PM. We still could use help with advance scouting of shoreline areas — particularly in the Hall County portion of the lake. If you are available to drive your boat around one day this week, scout shoreline and mark up a map, that would be very helpful to us as we deploy volunteers on Shore Sweep Saturday. If you are available to scout, please email us at