The Lake Lanier community has been tremendously supportive of the Lake Lanier Association’s project for installing solar lights on the existing hazard markers on Lake Lanier. We’ve had several questions about when we will install more lights beyond the 121 lights we currently have in place south of Browns Bridge so we wanted to provide a quick update.

Like all things Lake Lanier, this project isn’t as simple as it first appears. There is more to it than just putting a light on the hazard marker. We have committed to the Corps of Engineers that we will perform ongoing regular monitoring and maintenance of each light installed for years to come. We are working hard to solidify those processes with the 121 lights already installed, and plan on installing additional lights as soon as the Corps gives us the go-ahead. We are meeting with the Corps regularly to give them updates and to inform them of our processes and we are communicating to the Corps the strong community feedback we have received in support of the lighting program.

In the meantime, any donations that come in supporting expanding the lighting program are being placed in a separate and specific account, earmarked only for new light installations. As soon as we get the go-ahead from the Corps, we will dig into that account to procure more lights and expand the program. If anyone has questions about that accounting, please feel free to reach out to us at and we will be glad to discuss that with you.