Lake Lanier has 692 miles of shoreline and over 10,000 dock permits. The Army Corps of Engineers staff manage these permits and the shoreline. There are currently six different area rangers that are assigned to Lake Lanier. Each ranger covers a specific area. Over time staff members can change. In the past many emails have been lost or gone unanswered due to rangers who have been out sick, left or moved positions.

Below are the maps showing the different shoreline management areas around Lake Lanier, as of  06/16/2023. The map shows the outline of the areas as well as the best email address for each ranger covering these areas. Utilizing this ‘generic’ email ensures that the inquiry goes to the current ranger for the area. If a ranger is sick or leaves for any reason, these email addresses will still be routed to the correct person.

If you are uncertain which area you are in, you can email [email protected].


Area 1 Overview: [email protected]
Area 2 Overview: [email protected]
Area 3 Overview: [email protected]
Area 4 Overview: [email protected]
Area 5 Overview: [email protected]
Area 6 Overview: [email protected]