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Training Session For Adopt-A-Lake Volunteers

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There is workshop session for lake water quality testing volunteers coming up on June 27th, 2015. 9:00AM in the Science Building at University of North Georgia Gainesville for coffee and snacks. 10:00AM-12:00PM Dr. Mary Mayhew will conduct a brief limnology class, which is the study of inland waters, and there will be Adopt-A-Lake training. If you are interested in becoming a trained Adopt-A-Lake volunteer, please send an RSVP email to

AJC article 03/22/2015 featuring LLA’s Adopt-A-Lake program

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Interesting article featuring LLA’s Adopt-A-Lake water quality testing program and highlighting some of the issues in Flat Creek.


Bonny Putney: Champion of all things water

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Great article on Lake Lanier Association Board Member, Bonny Putney, in the August 2014 issue of Lakeside News by Pam Keene.


It’s difficult to find Bonny Putney at home these days. Between her dedication to keeping Georgia’s waterways clean to her love of the water and paddling, she spends much of her time on the road – er, water – across the state and in the Southeast. “When I found Lake Lanier in the early ’80s, there was really almost no one living on it,” said the Chicago native. “Here was this beautiful Lake Lanier and I just had to stay.”

Putney had transferred to Georgia to work for her father’s hazardous-waste disposal business, which she did until 2000. She moved into the Lanier Beach South condominiums on the south side of the lake and spent her free time getting to know the lake. Along the way, she met and married attorney Paul Putney and the two of them built a home on property that has been in the Putney family since the early 1960s. Paul had grown up on Lanier and the two shared their love of water and the environment. The couple continues to get out on the lake all year long for fun – skiing, boating and visiting with friends.

They’ve dubbed their home “Putney Island” and it’s the location of frequent get-togethers around the fire pit and surrounding area that’s decorated with numerous whimsical found and recycled objects, including old doors, parts of abandoned boats, kayaks, canoes and even a chandelier made from bottles retrieved from various clean-ups. Bonny, who also enjoys being an artist for herself and her friends, maintains an art studio on the property where she creates mermaids and other sea creature sculptures bedecked with beads, glass and bottle caps.

“It’s amazing the things we’ve been able to find on our clean-ups,” she said. “Especially when the lake was down 20 feet a couple of years ago, there were all kinds of treasures, in addition to the trash that we removed from the lake and the shoreline.”

Putney’s dedication to preserving the environment led her to a stint in the early 21st century by serving on the board of directors of the Lake Lanier Association. During that time, she worked closely with then-president Jackie Joseph and eventually with then-executive director Vickie Barnhorst to expand the group’s Shore Sweep annual lake clean-up that’s held each fall. “Bonny became known around the lake as the ‘trash lady,’ ” Barnhorst recalled. “No one had more enthusiasm about Shore Sweep or could make any event really fun for everyone who participated. Between her organizational skills and her energy, Shore Sweep really thrived while she was on the board.”

After rotating off the Lake Lanier Association board nearly 10 years ago, Putney has further spread her wings on the environmental front, at first volunteering for the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, then working for the organization for six years. She’s also logged many hours working on the boards of Rivers Alive,  Georgia River Network, Friends of Gainesville Parks, and Hall County Green Alliance. During the drought, she championed the rain-barrel cause, teaching numerous classes about water conservation.

Putney rejoined the board of the Lake Lanier Association this year and works closely with Executive Director Joanna Cloud and the group’s leadership. She has once again become a driving force with Shore Sweep, as well as helping manage the association’s ongoing clean-ups throughout the year.

Recently, Putney was named Volunteer of the Year by the Hall County Green Alliance.
In her spare time, Putney paddles both popular and little-traveled rivers, lakes and streams throughout the Southeast. She’s done the week-long Georgia River Network’s Paddle Georgia every year since its inception 10 years ago, and she frequently leads paddles for novices and experts. She’s paddled most of the Chattahoochee, the Apalachicola and the Suwannee River, and she’s even paddled offshore in Florida from Key Largo to Key West.

“You know, water is my passion,” she said. “People just don’t realize that it’s a finite resource – both to sustain life and for recreation – and it’s crucial that we all do our part to preserve it and use it wisely. If every one of us does their part, there will be plenty of water – clean water – for our future generations to enjoy for centuries to come.”

Posted online 7/28/14



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The Lake Lanier Legislative Caucus, which is a group of state senators and state house representatives with constituencies around Lake Lanier, is holding two public meetings on Saturday, December 15, 2012 to gather feedback from Lake Lanier stakeholders regarding potential lake safety and other issues that may be appropriate for inclusion in the upcoming legislative session starting in January 2013. The Lake Lanier Association has already shared with the Legislative Caucus the results of the member survey we conducted last summer. Please see the most recent LLA newsletter for more details regarding those results. The meetings on December 15th are another opportunity for the general public to voice their concerns to our elected officials.

Individuals are invited to attend either meeting. Since time will be at a premium at both of the meetings, we respectfully request that multiple individuals try not to repeat the same information to allow as many persons as possible the opportunity to voice their opinions. Individuals representing larger groups such as homeowners associations, sailing clubs, fishing clubs, etc. are encouraged to speak on behalf of their group.

1st Hearing will be from 10:30-12 p.m.
Gainesville Civic Center Ballroom
830 Green Street
Gainesville, GA

2nd Hearing will be from 1-2:30 p.m.
Buford City Hall
2300 Buford Hwy
Buford, GA

Little River Community Clean Up

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Little River Community Clean Up sponsored by Keep Hall Beautiful on Saturday, October 27 at 8 a.m. in the North Hall Area. If you are heading north from Gainesville on Cleveland Hwy it is 1.5 miles past GA State Patrol Post 6 on the left (unmarked road before Citgo). Need lots of volunteers! Please spread the word.


Shore Sweep next Saturday 9/29, advance drop off locations open Monday, 9/24

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Shore Sweep 2012 is one week away! Similar to last year, for Shore Sweep this year, in addition to our day-of-event locations–marinas, Lake Lanier Islands, Clarks Bridge, and War Hill Parks–we also have nine advance drop off locations around the lake. The advance locations are open starting Monday, 9/24 through Friday evening, 9/28. You can go ahead and bring bagged trash or large items and leave them at one of these locations. We have volunteers with boats scheduled to pick up at all these locations on Saturday morning for removal. Especially if you are not available to help with Shore Sweep next Saturday, bringing items to the advance locations during the week is a great way to contribute to this event even if your schedule won’t allow you to be there on Saturday.

 For the advance locations, THEY ONLY ACCEPT TRASH WHILE THE SHORE SWEEP SIGNS ARE IN PLACE. Please DO NOT bring trash to these locations other times of the year. Below is the list of advance locations. If you bring trash to any of these locations, please look for the signs posted and leave the debris close to the signs.

 The lake map coordinates are from the Atlantic Mapping Recreation and Fishing Guide for Lake Lanier.

  1. Map coordinate J-12, buoy marker 1SM, beach at Shady Grove Park
  2. Map coordinate H-7, Beaver Ruin Road shoreline area
  3. Map coordinate N-4, Lanier Harbor Marina
  4. Map coordinate N-9, buoy 14, Gaines Ferry Islands
  5. Map coordinate L-18, buoy 33, Keith’s Bridge Island
  6. Map coordinate M-24, Old Dawsonville Highway road bed near DNR regional office and Martin Docks
  7. Map coordinate M-28, buoy 2WC, unnamed island
  8. Map coordinate D-21, buoy 21C, Nix Island
  9. Map coordinate B-23, buoy 25C, Toto Creek boat launch

Shore Sweep itself takes place Saturday, September 29th starting at 8:00AM and ending at 1:00PM. We still could use help with advance scouting of shoreline areas — particularly in the Hall County portion of the lake. If you are available to drive your boat around one day this week, scout shoreline and mark up a map, that would be very helpful to us as we deploy volunteers on Shore Sweep Saturday. If you are available to scout, please email us at

LLA Immediate Need for Grant Writing Assistance

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 The Lake Lanier Association has an immediate need for grant writing assistance. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the LLA is eligible for several grant funding opportunities. The LLA tries to streamline overhead expenses, and, as such, is looking for ways to augment the limited support staff with volunteer assistance from the membership base for researching and writing grant proposals. This is work that can be done primarily from home with a flexible schedule. If you, or someone you know, is skilled at grant writing and would be willing to assist, please contact us at or by phone at 770.503.7757.

Stream Restoration Project Completed at Forsyth County’s Midway Park

May 9th, 2012 Posted by Water Quality 0 comments on “Stream Restoration Project Completed at Forsyth County’s Midway Park”

Engineering Department

Grant-supported restoration is county’s first such project

Forsyth County marked the completion of the county’s first stream restoration project with a ribbon cutting ceremony held Monday, May 7. Located inside Forsyth County’s Midway Park, the stream restoration project was designed to improve overall downstream watershed conditions by stabilizing and restoring approximately 1,000 feet of degraded stream bank, using natural channel design methods.

This project was supported by a United States Environmental Protection Agency 319(h) grant administered by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

“This project was undertaken as a part of Forsyth County’s Watershed Improvement Plan,” Director of Engineering John Cunard said. “The county developed our Watershed Improvement Plan in 2007 to comply with regulations, and as a means of identifying the most beneficial and cost-effective projects for water quality improvement.”

Objectives of this stream restoration project included reducing bed and bank erosion and sedimentation; improving channel stability, water quality, habitat and overall function of the stream; and restoring, enhancing and protecting riparian wildlife corridors.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this restoration project,” Cunard said. “Not only were we able to make important progress in terms of water quality, but we were also able to turn this area into a really beautiful outdoor space that can also serve as an educational tool for the community about watersheds and water quality.”

The project features a walking path along the stream and educational signage about the stream restoration project.

Midway Park is located at 5100 Post Road in west Forsyth County. The project is on a tributary to Cheatham Creek in the Big Creek Watershed.

Lake Lanier Association Update for September 2010

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Be sure to mark your calendar for the Shore Sweep event on Saturday, September 25th from 8:00AM-1:00PM. We are asking you to volunteer your time on this day to help clean up the loose Styrofoam and trash that has accumulated on our shore line.

22nd Annual Shore Sweep

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The Lake Lanier Association will hold the 22nd Annual Shore Sweep on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at thirteen locations around the Lake Lanier.