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ALERT – Dock Missing From Its Permitted Location, Please Review Photo

March 22nd, 2019 Posted by Clean Lake 0 comments on “ALERT – Dock Missing From Its Permitted Location, Please Review Photo”

The below photo is of a dock that is missing from its permitted location which is in the north Chattahoochee River area. Notice the light fixtures distinctive feature on the top of the dock. If you have seen this dock recently, if you could let us know, we would greatly appreciate the information. Our email address is All information submitted will remain confidential.



ALERT – Quickly Rising Water Levels – February 22, 2019

February 22nd, 2019 Posted by Clean Lake, Full Lake, Safe Lake 0 comments on “ALERT – Quickly Rising Water Levels – February 22, 2019”
This morning, the Chattachoochee and Chestatee Rivers are flowing at a combined 8,440 cubic feet per second, and the discharge at Buford Dam is 583 cfs, for a net inflow into Lake Lanier of 7,857 cfs, not counting rain falling onto the surface of the lake, inflow from minor tributaries, and direct inflow from the shoreline.
The lake has risen more than 3 feet since last Friday, and more than 1.5 feet since yesterday morning.
With perhaps another 0.75″ of rain forecast for today and Saturday, and with the ground already fully saturated, the lake will continue to rise significantly, and could easily rise another 6-12″ over the weekend.
Check your dock poles and shore anchor lines to make sure your dock doesn’t break free from its moorings.

ALERT – Two More Abandoned Docks – Please Look At The Photos

February 20th, 2019 Posted by Clean Lake, Safe Lake 0 comments on “ALERT – Two More Abandoned Docks – Please Look At The Photos”
We have two more docks that have been abandoned along the shoreline of Lake Lanier and we are trying to identify the owners of these docks in order to determine the removal and disposition plan for these eyesores and safety hazards from Lake Lanier.One is close to Duckett Mill Park and the other is just above the Wahoo Creek/Mt. Vernon Road bridge. Both docks have been at their current locations for multiple weeks. Please look at the photos and brief descriptions below. If you know anything about either of these docks, please contact the Lake Lanier Association to help us in our investigation. Your identity will be treated as confidential.
The first dock is a single slip Quonset hut style dock. It is partially dismantled and is currently located very close to the boat ramp at Duckett Mill park.
The second dock is a single slip with upper deck dock. It is currently located on the northeastern shoreline area above the Wahoo Creek bridge. We think this dock got to its current spot from a location farther north on Wahoo Creek.

ALERT – Dumped Dock In Four Mile – Please Look At The Photos

January 28th, 2019 Posted by Clean Lake 0 comments on “ALERT – Dumped Dock In Four Mile – Please Look At The Photos”

ALERT, we have a platform dock that was dumped in a cove in Four Mile last night. Below are a couple photos of the dock. It is a swim platform style dock with lots of wood debris piled on top and a swim ladder installed on the side. If anyone is familiar with a dock similar to this installed at a private property location that is no longer at that installed location, please contact us at with any information you have related to this dock. We will not release your name in this matter.

Back of Four Mile Dock2

Back of Four Mile Dock

Lake Lanier Association Supports Concept of Forsyth Water Treatment Facility

December 19th, 2018 Posted by Clean Lake, Full Lake 0 comments on “Lake Lanier Association Supports Concept of Forsyth Water Treatment Facility”

In response to the announcement that Forsyth County is planning to site a new water treatment facility in North Forsyth County, the Lake Lanier Association has been responding individually to citizens that express concerns about the facility. In an effort to create more education and awareness about the association’s stance on the proposed treatment facility, LLA has released this statement to local media:


“We have been aware, for several years now, of the proposed plant in North Forsyth and are watching it to see what develops in the Environmental Protection Division permitting process. From a Lake Lanier Association perspective, we will weigh in on the water quality in the lake aspect of this issue, not the property value, placement, or property rights off the lake aspect” said Joanna Cloud, Executive Director for the association.

Lake Lanier Association is very supportive of municipalities around the lake increasing their water returns to the lake. Cloud says “Many people consider the treated water coming back into the lake as treated to such a high standard that it is actually cleaner than the water being pulled out at the intake facilities for drinking water. We have water returns above Buford Dam of only about 50% for water pulled out of Lake Lanier. We can do better. Metro Atlanta has returns approaching 80% for water pulled out of the Chattahoochee. If we want to keep Lake Lanier at higher lake levels, especially during peak summer season, recycling water and increasing our returns is part of that solution.”

The association says it will be monitoring the TMDL permit levels for the treated water as well as the discharge pipe length and depth when the plant is in the state permitting process. Cloud says, especially in areas of North Forsyth with significant agriculture and livestock, along with a higher concentration of aging septic systems, that the concern for bacteria in a Lake Lanier tributary after a significant rainfall event would likely decrease with the addition of a treated water discharge facility due to the treated water diluting the bacteria coming in due to run off. The physical location of the discharge pipe will also be of significant interest to the association in that there are already discharge permits issued in several other locations around the lake and the association is concerned about overburdening the ecosystem of any particular tributary. “Even if we can get comfortable with TMDL standards of multiple discharge permits in a single area, doubling the concerns about things like incoming water temperature or air content in the discharge make having multiple permits in single tributary challenging” says Cloud. There is already one industrial water discharge permit in the Six Mile tributary of Lake Lanier in the North Forsyth area.

The association also says it is in favor of sewer facilities over septic facilities because with sewer, especially municipality systems as opposed to private systems, there are more controls in place to prevent issues and more resources for mitigation if a problem does occur than with private septic systems surrounding the lake

Derelict Dock Video from WSBTV

September 25th, 2018 Posted by Clean Lake, Safe Lake 0 comments on “Derelict Dock Video from WSBTV”

Good coverage on the derelict dock issue from WSBTV.

Advance Drop sites are now open!

September 1st, 2018 Posted by Clean Lake 0 comments on “Advance Drop sites are now open!”

The Shore Sweep advance drop locations are now open and will remain open until the evening of Friday, 9/14/18. You can leave bagged trash or large debris at these sites during this time and we will send a crew to pick up at the Shore Sweep event on 9/15. Please be sure to leave the debris high enough or tied off so that it doesn’t float back out into the water. Look for the banners posted and leave the debris close to the banner. Please do NOT use these sites for trash drop off other times of the year outside of our authorized advance drop location window.


There are eight advance drop locations. The lake map coordinates are from the Atlantic Mapping Recreation and Fishing Guide for Lake Lanier.

Map coordinate J-7, closest buoy marker 1SM, old beach at Shady Grove Park
Map coordinate H-7, closest buoy marker 4YD, Beaver Ruin Road shoreline area
Map coordinate L-3, closest buoy marker 2SC, Gwinnett Park
Map coordinate N-9, closest buoy marker 14, Gaines Ferry Islands
Map coordinate L-18, closest buoy marker 33, Keith’s Bridge Island
Map coordinate M-24, closest buoy marker 49, Old Dawsonville Highway road bed near DNR regional office and Martin Docks
Map coordinate M-28, closest buoy marker 2WC, unnamed island in Wahoo Creek
Map coordinate D-21, closest buoy marker 21C, east side of Nix Island in the area of Athens Boat Club

Shore Sweep 2018!

August 27th, 2018 Posted by Clean Lake 0 comments on “Shore Sweep 2018!”

The Shore Sweep 30 Year Anniversary Celebration event last weekend was a huge success and a great way to kick off Shore Sweep 2018! Thank you to the 400 people that attended and to the several hundred people that signed up to help at Shore Sweep 2018 coming up on Saturday, September 15th.

Advance drop sites will open this weekend, 9/1.


Shore Sweep 2018 – Saturday, September 15th, 2018

August 5th, 2018 Posted by Clean Lake, LLA Events, Shore Sweep 0 comments on “Shore Sweep 2018 – Saturday, September 15th, 2018”

Shore Sweep flyer 2018

Join Us For The Shore Sweep 30th Anniversary and Volunteer Appreciation Celebration!

August 5th, 2018 Posted by Clean Lake, LLA Events, Shore Sweep 0 comments on “Join Us For The Shore Sweep 30th Anniversary and Volunteer Appreciation Celebration!”

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